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Dynatech Controls’ powerful Building Analytics tool continuously monitors our client’s building’s performance and energy consumption, alerting them if a fault is detected or if performance is sub-optimal.  Working in conjunction with their Building Automation System (BAS) and metering systems, this reporting allows clients to better control their building through energy analytics, virtual metering, and automated reporting; ultimately resulting in resource and cost savings for facility managers and owners.



Dynatech, along with our partner, Distech Controls, brings state-of-the-art turnkey intelligent and integrated open solutions for our customers’ buildings. Together, we offer multiple product lines all with open-source software for configuration and maintenance, as well as conformance with all BAS open protocols. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most up-to-date and open BAS available, along with unmatched customer service.

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The ability to integrate diverse systems into a single user interface for management, monitoring and reporting is no longer simply an option, it is a necessity. At Dynatech Controls, we integrate old and new building technology so that clients gain the ability to control and manage their entire facility from one interface, saving precious time and resources.



Today more than ever it is paramount to integrate and manage ever-changing lighting control systems.  Integrating lighting control with our client’s HVAC system operation as well as their Access Control system provides quantifiable energy savings, increased security, and an overall comfortable working environment. 



We offer specialized technical support programs tailored to our clients needs. Enabling our clients to extract as much information about their building systems allows them to save money from the effects of unbudgeted repairs.  We are dedicated to making sure that our clients get the best software support, equipment maintenance, and proactive identification of failed or worn components. At Dynatech Controls, our service team works to make sure that our customer’s system operates at its best for the life of their building.

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Dynatech Controls specializes in designing and implementing physical access control and video surveillance systems, which allow our clients to maintain a secure facility. Dynatech customizes each system to best meet our client’s needs.  Whether a stand-alone system or one that is integrated to their facility’s Building Automation System (BAS) thereby providing additional operational and energy efficiency benefits, we find the right solution.

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Dynatech has over two decades of experience working with manufacturers who support Open-Source Building Automation systems.  This allows us to provide clients with several options when it comes to upgrading, integrating, or expanding their Building Automation Systems.  Our clients know that at Dynatech Controls we focus on the solution that best fits the Customer’s needs, and not the sale. We are open and honest with the way that our company approaches Open-Source Building Automation systems because we want the right result for our client. 

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